Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Most Popular Offenses in Wedding Planning

Link: The Most Popular Offenses in Wedding Planning, and How to Deal With Them

"The offense: Destination weddings
You've decided to get married in Aruba/your husband's hometown/a random metropolis, you send out the invites, and you're hit with people complaining that they want to come to your wedding, but they just can't afford to do so.

How to handle: "Oh, we'll miss you, but I understand!" That's it.

I am fairly convinced that people plan destination weddings because they would actually like to elope but want to have given you the option to attend. My goodness, wedding guests, why do you think it's okay for you to heap your money/schedule complaints on a couple trying to plan a life together? They're not getting married for you to have something to do on a weekend. Get married wherever you like, make accommodations for the people you love so they can attend, and forget about the people who can't."