Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do Not Peak at Aruba Weather Forecasts!

Aruba Bound
Where the Aruba weather forecasts are concerned, they are not reliable to say the least. Ask anyone who has followed the reports prior to their Aruba vacation and the Aruba weather forecast always says a "chance of showers". There are no two weather forecasts for Aruba which are exactly the same.

No matter what time of year, very few days on the island of Aruba are a total washout and those with rain are usually just in the form of a passing shower. Not even enough to make you leave the beach!

Aruba is a desert island with very little rain. The rainy season is generally considered November & December. Aruba's average rainfall October through December is 4.1 inches versus March through May when the average is .8 inches.

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All in all the forecasts are downright bogus. I have always been of the opinion that they put the showers in to cover themselves. The Meteorological Service of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba (MSNAA) is smart enough not to predict weather more than 3 days in advance. Closer to your trip you may like their forecasts better as well. Let's face it there is nothing like going directly to the source.

When there is no mention of wind in the forecast, THEN is the time to worry. Arubans say that when tropical disturbances pass to the north they suck the air away from Aruba and with it, the wind. For you this will mean more time in the water to keep cool- it will be HOTTER than hot. Apply extra sunscreen.

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