Friday, March 4, 2011

Aruba Gift Registry

"Aruba is now offering an island first with a FAST, EASY and FREE interactive way for couples to prepare for their special event as well as to help point friends and family in the right direction in the purchase of the right gifts."

Creating your registry
Register and assure yourself of the perfect gift - dining, activities, car rental and even a shopping spree on Aruba. Friends and family will enjoy the convenience of being able to provide their best wishes with exactly what you're looking for in making your on-island wedding, renewal of vows, honeymoon or any other celebration a memorable event. Registering, choosing from among diverse activity and service options, checking the status of your registry and redeeming gifts is easy and can all be accomplished through the website.

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Land-based Activities
Horseback Riding | Spa treatment | Sightseeing | Jeep Tour | Car Rental | Golf

Theater Shows | Bar Tour | Party Cruise | Show and Dining

Dinner Cruise | Dinner | Private Dinner | In-Room Dinner | Brunch | Dine-AroundPicnic | In-Room Breakfast

Honeymoon package | Villa Rental | Yacht Rental

Hotel Amenities
In-Room Amenities | Add-On Package | All-Inclusive Add-On Package

Aruba is an island kissed by the sun and made for romance. Imagine walking down a flower-strewn aisle at an alabaster beach, secluded cove or scenic desert hideaway under a stunning sunset, and a honeymoon at a luxury resort with sunset cruises, romantic dinners, couples’ spa indulgences and much more. Your fairy tale wedding is just a click away.

Every birthday is special, but why not make this one extra special with a celebration like no other? Commemorate a 21st, 50th or 80th birthday with a sunset sail or a day on the beach. And after all, who's to say you can't celebrate your 29th birthday for the third time? Not us.

Time for snowbirds to spread those wings and fly away to paradise! Turkey dinners right on the beach and Christmas carols sung under swaying palms provide a new take on holiday cheer. But you don’t have to wait for winter…tropical sunshine, glittering beaches and a diverse array of attractions and activities, fine restaurants, duty-free shops and exciting nightlife can be yours all year round.

Bond with the boys during a vacation that celebrates machismo by the sea. Prove your daring with a safari jeep tour, conquer the rugged terrain horseback and trade war stories over a manly dinner of steak and seafood at one of the island's many restaurants. Grunts and belches not included.

Girls just wanna have sun! What could be better than sitting on the beach with your best gal pals in preparation for the Big Day? Indulge in spa treatments, snorkeling and world-class nightlife all of which will ensure a perfectly pampered party.

You've picked out a name and started shopping for strollers, but wait a minute - what about the mom and dad-to-be? Let someone baby you for a while before the stork arrives. Enjoy a pre-parental day at the spa, a relaxing dinner or a day at the beach for two - because you'll be three before you know it.

Wait a minute. Aren't you the guy who would do anything on a dare? The gal who could stay up all night partying? It's time to rediscover that inner wild child on the sandy shores and dance floors of Aruba. And don't worry - we won't tell anyone about that "born to be wild" tattoo.

You've dropped your baby off at college, cleared the basement of old stuffed animals and attended your last PTA meeting - it's time to party! Embrace your newfound freedom and start a new life together off by indulging in a couples' massage, a romantic seaside dinner for two or a moonlight cruise and plan your next step - installing a hot tub in that empty bedroom.

We're not saying the whole family can't have fun gathered around the kiddie pool in Uncle Bob's backyard, but we'd like to offer a better idea. Imagine learning to scuba dive with grandma, relaxing on the beach with cousins you forgot you had, and finding out that Uncle Bob is actually quite the dancer. The only problem is trying to top it next year.

Royal Flush! Blackjack! Full house! For those who want to roll the dice and enjoy the kind of VIP treatment that only Aruba can offer, the island offers a bevy of luxurious pleasures including vibrant casinos aplenty, lavish spa treatments, private dinners on the beach and world-class accommodations. Just sit back and let us spoil you rotten, you card shark.