Saturday, September 18, 2010

Does It Matter When You Plan Travel Dates to Aruba for Your Wedding?

Airfare to Aruba?

Would you like to save money on flight transportation costs for you and your guests? Consideration of wedding dates may be more important than you think.

It is all about competition. If you live in an area where there is little or no competition, you will pay more. Is there competition at a near by airport which may be a bit further of a drive but could save a significant amount of money.
Weekend Non-stop from ATLANTA with competition from Air Tran

Delta $426.70

Air Tran $456.70

Weekday Non-stop from ATLANTA without competition

Delta $726.70

$300 per person is an extra $600 per couple. That is a lot of money to me ;)


Weekday with one stop flying north from Atlanta to JFK on inbound to Aruba


Granted $583.70 is less expensive than $726.70, but do I really want to fly from Atlanta to JFK in New York and then south again to Aruba?

I could actually fly on a weekend, traditionally in the past more expensive, from JFK to Aruba for $466 or Atlanta for $426. But again, looking at fares above, the only reason for the cheaper Saturday flight from Atlanta is that Air Tran only flies from Aruba on Saturday.

Look for connecting airfare on Air Tran or Spirit Air. Spirit Air flies non-stop out of Fort Lauderdale on Saturday to Saturday and if you live far enough north, Air Tran also has Saturday non-stop flights from Orlando to Aruba. Coming up this December Air Tran will offer Aruba northbound flights to Orlando or Atlanta flight on Sundays as well. You will traditionally find their fares less expensive than flying non-stop to Aruba via American Airlines.